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Based on an etching by Giuseppe Vasi, 1710-1782, entitled Casa dei Chierici Regolari Barnabiti, dated between 1747 and 1761 (source: Getty Open Content Program).

Giuseppe Vasi was a famous man and artist up to the 1760s, when Piranesi took definitively his place, making his master’s style old and outdated. For over 200 years Vasi was artistically forgotten and his views taken into account only for their topographical and documentary qualities. Things changed in 1981, thanks to the monograph by Luisa Scalabroni and even more in the Nineties, mainly thanks to the contributions by Paolo Coen on his catalogue and by Allan Ceen on the maps. Today Giuseppe Vasi’s not considered anymore Piranesi’s defeated rival, but an artist with his own personality and technique. Though far from being a revolutionary, he gave a significant contribution to the Roman school of engraving applied to the “veduta”, with a role quite similar to Giovanni Panini’s in painting (source: